COLOR THERMAL TRANSFER RIBBONS!   ASTA  sells the largest variety of spot color thermal transfer ribbons in the industry, from red to gloss gold metallic. Process color thermal transfer ribbons are also available for the digital color label printers which use thermal transfer technology.       ASTA’s long experience with thermal-transfer print technologies and […]

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Why need Cleaning Card & ASTA Cleaning Card Benefits~! !

Welcome to our ASTA Partners!   Today our subject is …. Why you need Cleaning Cards and the benefits of Our ASTA Cleaning Cards.         Why Clean? Cleaning should be done more frequently, especially areas prone to an abundance of grease, food particles and grime. Failure to clean frequently can cause system failure, device […]

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ASTA Cleaning Card!Keep Moving!

Hi! Everybody!I’m Cleaning Card! Today we will continue to introduce new products for cleaning cards!   Do you remember the last time we introduced a new product, a clean card?   Forget?   Don’t worry!You can go to our company’s official website to see oh!   This is T-shape Cleaning Card!The design is unique!Size is 205*54*0.9MM!   […]

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After several months of research!ASTA launched its own brand of Cleaning cards!  So!What is Cleaning Card? Look at these picture! Cleaning card is a kind of super pure solvent and additives, and has a strong adsorption capacity of composite materials! The utility model is a cleaning product which is processed by the high technology production […]

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ASTA Hot Sale Thermal Transfer Ribbon Product !!

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon Model Ribbon Type Suitable Printing Material A101 Standard Wax Coated paper, thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper, paper tickets, clothing tag A102 Enhance Wax A103 White Color Wax Coated paper, thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper A104 Red Color Wax Coated paper, thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper A105 Blue Color Wax […]

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New product!! Thermal Ribbon different types~!

      热转印碳带       Thermal Transfer Ribbon   蜡基碳带 Wax Ribbon   蜡基色带具有高灵敏度、高分辨率、高密度等特点, 广泛的适用性,如普通纸、铜版纸、粗制纸、光滑纸、涂覆纸、合成纸等   树脂碳带   Resin Ribbon     树脂基色带具有 优质的抗刮性、抗污性、抗溶剂性、 高分辨率等,适用于各种材质的标签,尤其是各种聚脂和塑料标签,如合成纸、PVC、PET、水洗标等 混合基碳带   Wax/Resin Ribbon   混合基色带具有耐污性、高清晰度、高分辨率, 具有广泛适用性,适用于各种标签,如铜版纸、光滑纸、涂覆纸、合成纸、PET、PVC等   Wax & Resin Ribbon     Wax Resin Mix Ribbon     Wax-Resin Ribbon     水洗碳带   Washing / […]

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Thermal Transfer Ribbons (Wax/Wax&Resin/Resin)

Thermal Transfer Ribbons Quality & Attractive Pricing ASTA offers competitively priced ribbons for most thermal printers. Our ribbons  are designed to maximize the life of your printheads and provide consistently good print quality.   All of ASTA’s thermal ribbons are also halogen- free, demonstrating our commitment to green initiatives and safety.      

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ASTA New Released Toner Cartridge CF256A/X CRG-133/H

  ASTA NEW RELEASE ! First Step to Market !   Model :CF256A/X     Brand :ASTA  ACO Use for HP LaserJet MFP M436n Printer Yield :  1000pages Special Note :Chip Version: EMEA and ROW .EMEA means EUR、MEA、AFRICA;ROW means the rest of the world)     Model :CRG-133/H     Brand :ASTA  ACO Use for LBPB710/8720/8230/8750/8780 Yield :  1000pages […]

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ASTA New Product Thermal Printer Ribbons are coming on~!

    ASTA offers competitively priced ribbons for most thermal printers. Our ribbons are designed to maximize the life of your printheads and provide consistently good print quality. All of ASTA’s  thermal ribbons are also halogen-free, demonstrating our commitment to to green initiatives and safety.     ASTA Thermal Transfer Ribbon Product Catalogue   S/N […]

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ASTA Label Printer Cartridge Launch Label it ! Using Less cost ,Make your home ,office ,industrial management easiter ! ASTA offer wide range of brand ,colors ,size ,special design !    Skype:astatoner-marketing Looking for ASTA Label cartridge brand agent :

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Frirst Release for HP CF279A Toner Cartridge

ASTA NEW RELEASE !First Step to Market ! Model :CF279A     Brand :ASTA  ACO Use for HP LaserJet Pro M12 MFP M26 Yield :  1000pages Special Note :Chip Version: EMEA and ROW .EMEA means EUR、MEA、AFRICA;ROW means the rest of the world)    

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ASTA For Kyocera mita Tk5195 TK5205 TK5215Series Toner cartridge

Find Top quality compatible Kyocera mita toner cartridge and copier toner in ASTA .

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