Difference between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer

Looking for a label printer? How to decide between Direct Thermal label printing and Thermal Transfer label printing, People are often confused about the differences between direct thermal label printers and thermal transfer label printers, and which type better suits their needs Direct thermal or Thermal Transfer? Direct thermal printer When thinking of direct thermal […]

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ASTA Best Quality Compatible Label Tape~!

What is label tape? Label tape is the supply for Electronic Labeling System. It’s a key part of the labeling systems creating adhesive backed labels for virtually any home, office, business, school or industrial application.             Why buy now?   Large Market Capacity The increasing demand of label printing makes Brother […]

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ASTA New Arrivals Labelling Solution~!

Easily to use Labelling Solution!! ASTA design & print high-quality labels that uniquely promote your brand.              We’re proud to be a full-service provider of the best label printing brands and products, including labeling, tagging and bar coding technology such as label printers, thermal labels and tags, ribbons.   ASTA proudly serve businesses of […]

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Difference Between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printing!

You may have questions as to which type of roll label is most suitable for your specific application. The information in this article will provide a basic understanding of the functionality and printing technologies used by direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers, as well as the benefits, disadvantages, and required label materials for each. […]

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ASTA New Product Thermal Transfer Printers Are Released!!

What is Thermal Transfer Printer?   Thermal Transfer printers are the perfect solution for long term labeling as they utilize a ribbon for printing. As the printhead applies heat to the ribbon, it melts onto the label surface which can be a variety of materials including polyester and polypropylene. With a longer life-span and options […]

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ASTA Hot sell Thermal Transfer Ribbons!

THERMAL TRANSFER RIBBONS Thermal transfer ribbons are used in various types of thermal printers including bar code printers, label printers, tag printers, ticket printers, addressing machines and in-line packaging machines.   Aspect Labelling supply a comprehensive range of high performance ribbons from the world’s leading thermal transfer ribbon manufacturers. All ribbons are silicon-backed to reduce […]

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ASTA Wax /Wax&Resin / Resin Ribbon!!

Wax Ribbon: High sensitivity and high density; High transfer rate; Clear and beautiful prints; Low cost,stable quality; Widely label applicability,g ood capability.     Wax-Resin Ribbon: High sensitivity,excellent scratch resistance; Low print-head energy requirement; Back-coat technology provides excellent print-head protection and anti-static properties.       Resin Ribbon: Excellent durability,scratch resistance,heat resistance and moisture resistance […]

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ASTA New Package Thermal Transfer Ribbons!!

  ASTA offers wax ribbon, resin ribbon and wax-resin ribbon for printing on thermal transfer labels. If you have a thermal transfer printer you will need thermal transfer ribbon in order to print high quality barcodes.  All popular sizes and colors of thermal transfer ribbon are ready for direct order.     Looking for ASTA brand […]

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  COLOR THERMAL TRANSFER RIBBONS!   ASTA  sells the largest variety of spot color thermal transfer ribbons in the industry, from red to gloss gold metallic. Process color thermal transfer ribbons are also available for the digital color label printers which use thermal transfer technology.       ASTA’s long experience with thermal-transfer print technologies and […]

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Why need Cleaning Card & ASTA Cleaning Card Benefits~! !

Welcome to our ASTA Partners!   Today our subject is …. Why you need Cleaning Cards and the benefits of Our ASTA Cleaning Cards.         Why Clean? Cleaning should be done more frequently, especially areas prone to an abundance of grease, food particles and grime. Failure to clean frequently can cause system failure, device […]

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ASTA Cleaning Card!Keep Moving!

Hi! Everybody!I’m Cleaning Card! Today we will continue to introduce new products for cleaning cards!   Do you remember the last time we introduced a new product, a clean card?   Forget?   Don’t worry!You can go to our company’s official website to see oh!   This is T-shape Cleaning Card!The design is unique!Size is 205*54*0.9MM!   […]

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ASTA Hot Sale Thermal Transfer Ribbon Product !!

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon Model Ribbon Type Suitable Printing Material A101 Standard Wax Coated paper, thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper, paper tickets, clothing tag A102 Enhance Wax A103 White Color Wax Coated paper, thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper A104 Red Color Wax Coated paper, thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper A105 Blue Color Wax […]

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