Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How’s your product quality?

All our cartridges are produced according to the highest quality standards and reach or exceed OEM quality at highly competitive prices. Every process is strictly monitored to ensure the best quality.

We are also STMC certified company. Each step of production is strictly Monitored by the Quality Control Team, and there are checking spots for the key production steps to conduct a 100% inspection. 100% Post Test Printing After cartridges are manufactured, they will be applied with 100% post-test by printing test pages.

Cartridges with a defect will be reworked. Post-pack Inspection Packaged cartridges will be randomly selected to perform life testing and extensive environmental test

Can you arrange packaging for my private brand?

Yes, we can arrange your private label packaging provided the quantity reaches certain level. We also provide design services.

My pages have light streaks or are blank?

If the cartridge has recently been installed, check that the seal has been removed. If the cartridge has been in the printer for some time it may just be running out of toner.

You can take the cartridge out of the printer and gently rock it to re-distribute the remaining toner, but it will need replacing in the near future (Pls Refer to our Installation Guide).

My pages have lines or dots down them. Is this the cartridge or the printer causing the problem?

The quickest way to determine whether an image defect is cartridge or printer related is to replace the cartridge.

  • If you have two of the same model printer you can swap the cartridges around.
  • If the problem follows the cartridge then you know it is a cartridge problem.
  • If the problem stays with the printer, despite what cartridge is fitted, then it’s a printer problem(Pls Refer to our Installation Guide).

Will an ASTA re-manufactured cartridge fit into my printer the same as the OEM?

ASTA cartridges are remanufactured using good quality OEM shells so when inllstalling your re-manufactured cartridge you can be ensured of the exact same fit.

Will I get the same number of prints using an ASTA toner cartridge?

Yes, our Premium toner cartridges are equal to the OEM in print yield and density.