In October 29, 2017, Congratulations for ASTA brand conference have a great success in Hoa Hong hotel, it’s a good begining of the Rimax agency to ASTA

Rimax company hosted the conference and not only invited some major clients and some relevant guys, such as top internet sales manager in Vietnam, chairman of vietnam riverenterprise and Rimax partners, but also including representatives and other brand dealers in Hanoi and other province.Besides that, local suppliers of office supplies and office stationery suppliers are included. A total of more than 200 guests.

Since its inception, ASTA has been focusing on high-end laser printers and copier consumables research and development, production and sales of high and new technology. The company insist on the value of innovation, win-win policy, efficiency, responsibility, integrity and learning , committing to realize common development of employees, customers, enterprises and society.

It was that ASTA have achieved amazing achievements.

ASTA currently have five overseas branches: Dubai, Mexico and Myanmar,and Columbia. Except ASTA and ACO, there are more than 80 national and regional brand agents in the world with annual sales of more than 50 million dollars.Tian Se is a professional brand focusing on office supplies, with more than 200 million RMB annual value output , whose products are spread all over the world.

Product examples: a high quality toner cartridge inside, with cute and charming panda packaging, plus small and lovely carbon powder bottled, do you have a crush?

Under the condition of high learning enthusiasm about 200 distinguished guests sharing their rich experience, ASTA is not limited to a single learning state, but actively held a series of free gifts and sweepstakes activity.The first prize is very valuable since it is the male god of thousands of girls, and the dream lover of the man, the new darling iphone 8 just coming out this year.Others do not dismayed, because every guest attended get ASTA 5 a, 12 a, 26 a, 49. A, 78 a, 83 a,and various types of cartridge and 40 Toner Cartridge gift certificate.Every one are happy to get fruitful results.

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As a result, ASTA have a great success. One line, one dream! ASTA has been a leading brand in the industry for more than a decade, and has gained loyal and recognized customers In the future, there will be more customers and partners to join ASTA to create a better tomorrow!