Thermal transfer ribbons are used in various types of thermal printers including bar code printers, label printers, tag printers, ticket printers, addressing machines and in-line packaging machines.


Aspect Labelling supply a comprehensive range of high performance ribbons from the world’s leading thermal transfer ribbon manufacturers. All ribbons are silicon-backed to reduce friction, protect and prolong the life of your print head and ensure the best print quality every time.




Types of  ASTA Thermal Transfer Ribbons

A) Wax Ribbons - these ribbons are the most commonly used of all transfer ribbons, and are ideal for printing onto paper and card. They are compatible with almost all Thermal Transfer Printers and produce good print quality at high transfer speeds. These ribbons also offers a degree of smudge resistance on paper and card.




B) Wax Resin Ribbons - if you require a certain amount of durability, then you may require a wax resin ribbon. They offer good smudge and scratch resistance on paper but also on some filmic products including polyester and polypropylene. They are also compatible with most Thermal Transfer Printers.





C) Resin Ribbons - designed to meet more durable applications, these ribbons are suitable for printing onto a range of synthetic materials including polypropylene, polyester and high temperature polyimide. They also offer extremely good scratch and smudge resistance and are capable of withstanding some chemical abrasion.







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