1. The printing environment should be good. And The machine couldn't be put in a place where the sun is shining or the sun is shining.

2. The printer's print head and roller should be cleaned regularly, and the dust in the machine should be cleaned frequently. After cleaning the printer, it is best to let the machine rest for half an hour before working.

3. When cleaning the print head, be sure to disconnect the power of the printer first, and then clean the printer with alcohol and cotton. When cleaning the print head, do not wear hard objects like rings on your hands to avoid scratching the print head during cleaning.

4. It is best to turn off the power when loading paper and loading the ribbon and be sure to avoid touching the print head with your hand to prevent damage to the print head caused by excessive static electricity.

5. When connecting and disconnecting the data cable, be sure to disconnect the power of the machine first, otherwise, it will easily damage the interface or motherboard of the printer.

6. After the machine has been working for 2~3 hours, it is best to turn off the machine first, let the machine rest for half or an hour before working, avoiding the high-temperature work of the machine for a long time, helping to protect the use of the print head. life.

7. Be sure to turn off the printer power after each work, to avoid the machine being powered for a long time, which will help extend the life of the printer.

8, the quality of the consumables used by the machine should be good, otherwise, it will seriously affect the life of the machine and the print head, and the print quality will be very poor.